About Me

Well Hello & Welcome to The Savvy Jewelry Mom site!

I started this business several years ago as a full time middle school teacher, wife, & mom of 3. I learned how to work the business like a beast as a part time consultant after school hours. This was after grading papers, cooking dinner, my kids' homework, etc. I wanted to see if this thing would work, but I knew I had to first PUT IN THE WORK to make it happen. Long story short, I am now a FORMER schoolteacher and a FULL TIME ENTREPRENEUR.

The reality is....a side hustle is a must. Of course, not everyone desires to quit their job and turn the side hustle into full time, that's perfectly fine. However, a part time side hustle is a MUST. Never put all of your eggs in one basket. 

And.......Being the mom/wife in a Tribe of 5, I have NO problem fitting Paparazzi into my busy schedule! That is just ONE of the wonderful things about this business. I can work as little or as often as I want to. Once a month, or 7 days a week! I can sell Paparazzi HOWEVER I want to... Facebook Live, Facebook group album, house parties, local festivals, church events, nursing homes, schools, vendor events, basket parties, at local salons and stores, and more... the opportunities are ENDLESS! 

My family and I are blessed to be apart of this amazing, life changing opportunity!